OK, so it's actually been 2007 for several weeks, but I've finally gotten comfortable with the noise settling out of the 2007 predictions, so I'm ready to start posting them. In the six weeks remaining before Selection Sunday, I will discuss a number of topics related to the selection and seeding process and the Crashing the Dance methods, including:
  • What's going on here? How did this all start anyway? What's new for 2007? A review of our process. (Review the about section for a head start.)
  • Reviewing the 2006 results, including a comparison with some of the well-known "bracketologists"
  • Why I didn't start using conference RPI and record until now
  • How I determine conference automatic berths until they are clinched (Hint: it's not the same as last year - yet.)
  • How we can use some of the data to guess who might rise and fall
This is the earliest in the season that I've started posting regular updates to the predictions, so I'm excited to see how things change in the weeks leading up to March 11. Feel free to email (feedback AT crashingthedance DOT com) with questions or comments.