As of 3:15 pm (after the ACC and SEC games) I'm going to declare the four #1 seeds final, though not necessarily in the order they are now.

I did a quick run considering each possible outcome of the Big 10 and Big 12 games, and in all four cases Ohio State, Wisconsin, UNC and UCLA remained on the #1 seed line.

I'm going back and forth about whether to declare the entire thing complete, but I think the outcome of these last two games will slightly affect the order of the #1 and #2 lines, so I'm going to do a final run and posting after those games.

The committee likely will create (or has already created) a bracket that has spots than can easily be switched (e.g., Kansas as a #1 and Wisconsin as a #2, and flipping if the Jayhawks lose and Badgers win), so I want to also take those games into account. It only takes 5-10 minutes to do a full run, so I should have some after the games are over.