There has been little change in the selection and seeding Monday and Tuesday. The fun starts today when the bubble teams get one more chance to enhance their resume and everyone tries to improve their seeding.

Many of the seeding margins are tight (as of March 7), so there could be a lot of movement through the weekend. UCLA and Ohio State are pretty solid for now (assuming neither tanks in their conference tourney), but #3 to #7 on the S-Curve are very close. Moving up or down a single spot in the Sagarin or RPI could affect the seed line, as could a single win or loss against an RPI top 50 or 100 team.

That may benefit North Carolina and Wisconsin if the top teams perform as expected. Carolina could end up with three RPI top 40 games and two RPI top 25 games. Wisconsin could also get a boost, as they could face three top 25 opponents. Kansas cannot face a top 50 team until the finals, and Florida wouldn't get a top 50 until the semis, though they could face two top 10 teams. Of course, when do things ever happen as expected?