I was planning to use Super Tuesday as the theme for this week's update, but nobody wants to read about politics here. It turns out two conferences usually better known for their football have made things much easier.

Good week (a.k.a., the Big XII)

Kansas State (#9 seed last week; #7 seed this week) and Texas A&M (#8 seed last week; #6 seed this week)

K-State is the first team to make the good list having lost a game during the week, but a win over your archrival and previously undefeated #2 team in the country will do that. The Wildcats (who have quietly climbed to #8 in Pomeroy ratings through Sunday's games) lost Sunday at Missouri but have used the nation's 5th best defense to rise in the field. Of concern to 'Cats fans is their lack of consistency (ranked 331st out of 341), but this is not surprising from a young team (ranked 304th in experience) featuring freshman superstar du jour Michael Beasley.

The Aggies took themselves from one game below .500 to one game over with two good wins last week. (Those wins would look even better on the gridiron, but I digress.) A&M has also struggled with consistency, ranking 282nd in the country. The Aggies are not as young as Kansas State, but they are adjusting to a new coach this season.

(Honorable mention: UConn. After climbing from a #9 seed to a #7 the prior week, the Huskies are now up to a protected #5 seed. Watch out - their schedule eases up after playing at Syracuse Wednesday, so they figure to stay near the top of the bracket.)

Bad week (a.k.a., Big 10)

Ohio State (#6 seed last week; #8 seed this week) and Indiana (#4 seed last week; #6 seed this week)

I won't rub it in here, but each had sub-par (either by margin or quality of opponent) performances last week. The Hoosiers lost their second straight (by 13 at Wisconsin) before finally putting away those scrappy Northwestern Wildcats (get well, Wilbon). Ohio State won at Penn State before the wheels (slowly) fell off Saturday in a 52 possession game at Iowa. The Buckeyes take the Toledo War to the hard court this week in an attempt to get back on track.

Enjoy the games. I hear there's a good one Wednesday?