More analysis (hopefully) later this week. First priority, of course, is filling out the brackets and second priority is watching the games.

Some highlights (all counts unofficial, and I'll double-check them later):

  • 32 of 34 at-large teams correct - I had Illinois State and Dayton; the committee picked Oregon (CTD's second team out) and Kentucky (CTD's eighth team out). I had mentioned earlier in the week and today that Dayton and Kentucky could be tricky for CTD, so I'm not surprised. Illinois State is another of those mid-majors I was worried about.
  • 27 of 65 (41.5%) seeds exactly right, 53 of 65 (81.5%) within 1 seed line, and 61 of 65 (93.8%) within 2 seed lines. Other than the two at-large teams I missed, the big seed misses were Butler (I had them No. 3; they were No. 7) and Indiana (had No. 5; were no. 8).
  • I got all four No. 1 seeds correct along with their regions, as well as the correct pod sites for 9 of the top 12 teams on the S-Curve in my "unofficial" guess based on the CTD results.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results this year.