There's still nothing like a nighttime space shuttle launch. Wow.

While the Endeavour had a good night, it was a rough night for the bubble teams. With Gonzaga and South Alabama taken down in their respective conference tournaments, two strong (if not certain) at-large candidates that would have received automatic bids were tossed into the at-large pool. That means likely two fewer spots for that weak bubble I discussed last week.

I don't like throwing around the "lock" label, but Gonzaga is in. USA is a little more tricky. I week ago I would have felt better about the Jaguars' chances, but they're now 53rd in the Sagarin ratings and just 4-3 against the RPI Top 100 and several bad losses with no great wins to speak of.

With strong showings later this week by some of the other bubble teams or more losses by the more one-bid conference leaders (I'm looking at you Butler, BYU and Kent State), the Jags could still be sitting on the launch pad come Sunday night.