This week's edition is limited to teams in the top ten of the all-time winningest Division I programs.

All numbers through games of Sunday, February 15.


North Carolina (#1 seed last week; #1 this week)

After falling to as low as #6 on the S-Curve after losing to Boston College and Wake Forest, the Heels are back up to #2 after winning nine straight. This week, they survived a first half flurry of threes and a "ridiculously slippery floor" to beat formerly #1 seeded Duke, and Sunday survived a ridiculously hot Jack McClinton to top Miami.

Kentucky (out last week; #11 this week)

As predicted, Kentucky re-enters the field after 10 days out. Jodie Meeks continues to dazzle, dropping 45 in a 79-63 win at Arkansas. The Wildcats sit at 18-7 (7-3 SEC), which puts them in better shape than they were last year. With the parity (or whatever word you choose) in the SEC this year, the Cats may be as likely to finish 7-9 as 13-3.


Duke (#1 seed last week; #2 this week)

Is it deja vu all over again for Duke? Only time will tell, but the Devils have fallen to the #2 line after peaking at #1 on the S-Curve only three weeks ago. With 4 of their last 6 on the road (and Wake Forest and Florida State in Cameron), they need to right the ship to avoid falling more.

UCLA (#3 seed last week; #5 this week)

Despite a highly efficient and underrated offense, the Bruins lost a pair on the road to the Copper State contingent of the Pac 10. In fact, 4 of the country's top 10 offenses (by adjusted offensive efficiency), including UCLA and the aforementioned Arizona pair, reside in the Pac 10.