After Connecticut's Monday loss to Pitt, Oklahoma is next in line to take over the hot potato #1 spot in the polls. But do they want it? And will they fail like all the rest?

Despite the ink and bytes given to Blake Griffin and his offense, the Sooners should be slightly concerned about their defense. They rank 51st in adjusted defensive efficiency (through Sunday), and as Luke Winn points out, that will not be good enough to get it done in March.

After a week off, the Sooners face Texas in Austin (Pomeroy predicts a one point loss) and continue their tough run to close the regular season, including hosting Kansas traveling to underrated (though not by Pomeroy) Missouri.

Odds are that even if the Sooners make it through this weekend unscathed, they won't finish the season on top of the polls without better defense. Of course, the way the top spot has been passed around this year, does anybody want it?