Many of the teams who needed to make a statement this week are certainly making one.

Kansas State: loses 77-71 Tuesday to fellow bubble-dweller Oklahoma State

Georgetown: loses 59-56 Tuesday to St. John's

Cincinnati: loses 70-59 Tuesday to South Florida

Maryland: loses 65-63 Tuesday at home to Wake Forest

Miami: loses 78-68 Wednesday to Georgia Tech

Boston College: loses 74-69 Wednesday to N.C. State

Kentucky: loses 90-85 Wednesday at home to Georgia

Florida: loses 80-71 Wednesday to Mississippi State

Wisconsin: loses 51-46 Wednesday to fellow bubble-dweller Minnesota

Virginia Tech: loses 86-78 at home Wednesday to North Carolina

It's one thing to lose now or in your conference tournament to a team that's already in, but to lose to the likes of South Florida and Georgia Tech (no offense to RPI #167 South Florida and #162 Georgia Tech) while trying to make your closing argument gives you little reason to complain when the jury comes back against you.

It's going to be a tough bubble to predict.