One hour to go.

I'm working on putting the top 4 seed lines into the bracket. It's tougher than usual because there are five Big East teams in the top 16 of the S-Curve, and the bracketing principles (1) require the first three teams from each conference to go in different regions and (2) generally prohibit teams from the same conference from meeting before the round of 8, unless nine or more teams are selected from that conference.

With three #1 seeds from the Big East, putting them in different regions won't be a problem, but figuring out how to get the fourth and fifth in without creating severe imbalance (measured by adding the "true" seeds - or the S-Curve rank - in each region) will be difficult.

In any case, the #1 seeds and their pod locations in their overall seed rank should be:

1. North Carolina - South region (Memphis), Greensboro pod

2. Pitt - East region (Boston), Dayton pod

3. Louisville - Midwest region (Indianapolis), Dayton pod

4. Connecticut - West region (Phoenix), Philadelphia pod

This means that the South and West would meet in one Final Four semi, and the East and Midwest in the other.