As some have noted, the middle cluster of Big East teams is mediocre and hard to sort out. Last year, I introduced BubbleGrid to help make sense of those borderline teams. Let's see what the Big East subset of BubbleGrid has to say.

1-251-501-1001-200RoadGood road winsBad home losses
Marquette14-812-43-312-5#58 Connecticut#106 North Carolina St.
Notre Dame17-71314-151-4#47 South Florida#218 Loyola Marymount
South Florida15-822-15-223-5#8 Georgetown#180 Central Michigan

Each obviously (like all bubble teams) has multiple flaws. (Click on each team name to see their replica committee team sheet.) Connecticut might be in the best shape, if not for that pesky 0-5 road record. Marquette, Notre Dame, and South Florida each have a good road win (especially South Florida at Georgetown), but each also has a bad home loss. Louisville's best win is at home over #47 South Florida.

Ultimately the best advice is, as Andy Glockner says (and the CtD model currently agrees), is to leave them all out.