This is a placeholder for the live blog during the selection show. Good luck to all.

5:59 - I'll probably go back and forth between here and my Twitter feed, so be sure to check both!

6:01 - Here we go, boys and girls.

6:02 - Kansas is the overall #1. No surprise there. CtD wife suggests that our 4-month old pick a bracket this year. He'll probably beat all of us.

6:04 - Off to a good start. Got all #1 seeds in order.

6:06 - Clark Kellogg's metaphors are off to a great start. Peeling the onion, indeed.

6:25 - Through two regions, one at-large miss.

6:30 - Through three regions, one at-large miss. 42 of 49 (86%) within 1 seed line (85% last year), so on good pace.

6:45 - Preliminary results: Fifth straight year of improvement. 33 of 34 at-large correct, 56 of 65 within one seed line.