A few notes before the brackets are unveiled:

  • For the first time, I made some seed adjustments after the model complete. The difference of Ohio State with Evan Turner and Purdue without Robbie Hummel is so obvious that I couldn't avoid it. I added one seed point to OSU and subtracted one seed point from Purdue. Otherwise I don't like to overthink it.
  • I feel comfortable with Duke as the final #1 seed, though it wouldn't surprise me to see West Virginia in there.
  • The bubble has been crazier this year than in any year I've been doing this. The model has Minnesota as the last team in, and leaves Illinois out. Based on the Big 10 tournament results and the timing of Sunday's final, it wouldn't surprise me if the committee went ahead and threw in Minnesota. Unfortunately, it also wouldn't surprise me if they reserved the final slot for either Minnesota or Illinois, and put Illinois in after Minnesota's 30 point loss to Ohio State.
  • I'm not comfortable with the model's seeding treatment of Villanova and Georgetown, based on the Big East tournament results. I wouldn't be surprised to see Villanova and Georgetown flipped from what the model has (Nova as a #2 and G'town as a #3).
  • I'm not sure how Wichita State slid up to the first team out. It won't matter since they'll be out, but I'll have to investigate that during the offseason.