As others have noted, in previous years the first 30 or so (of 34) at-large teams are clear. After that, we're all just guessing.

By now, everyone knows there are now 37 at-large spots available. That means we're all just guessing at three more teams. Actually, it's worse because teams become (generally speaking) more bunched together as we move toward the median. Fortunately, we're not looking at the 172nd and 173rd best teams for the last few at-large spots, but as more at-large teams are added to the field, it gets harder to differentiate around the cut line.

This will make it more difficult for the committee to decide on those last few teams, and it will make it more difficult for those who try to predict how the committee will choose those teams. There's already been a fair amount of variation on the Bracket Matrix site, though that tends to firm up on Selection Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised to see the average number of at-large predictions missed to be worse than in years past.

If the CtD model misses any at-large teams, which I expect it will, I think it will come from the following pool: UAB, Clemson, St. Mary's, Alabama, Georgia, and VCU. Outside of that, I feel pretty good going into Selection Sunday.