First, if you haven't already seen it, I've added a third chart to the daily reports. It shows for each team in the S-Curve the estimated distance ("as-the-crow-flies") to each pod site and region site. If you want to build a bracket using the Crashing the Dance S-Curve (which I hope to do before Sunday), or with your own rankings, this is an indispensable tool. (Just credit Crashing the Dance if you do use it.) I plan to do more with this data next year, so keep watching.

Thursday delivered on its promise of shaking up the bracket. Unexpected losses by many of the top teams, including UCLA, Duke, and Maryland (previously the hottest team in the country), should bounce a few teams around on the S-Curve.

UCLA seems to have built enough of a gap between themselves and most of the other #1 seed line candidates, so they should hold on unless the other candidates go gangbusters this weekend. Duke and Maryland led a weird day in the ACC, where all lower seeded teams won. Maryland didn't drop as much as I expected (they're still on the #4 line), and there are not too many teams still alive behind them that could jump them.

The Big East has gone chalk so far, which hasn't affected the seeds very much. That means the teams that win should climb, as their wins will come against strong opponents. West Virginia seems to think they're in, but their resume seems to disagree.