#3 seeds (with CTD S-Curve ranks)

9. Kansas - For balance, we move them to the East to allow Gonzaga to stay in the West, in the Minneapolis pod.

10. Missouri - Though the model has them behind Kansas in the S-Curve, they are rewarded for winning the Big XII tournament and stay in the Midwest, in the Philadelphia pod.

11. Gonzaga - They stay in the West (almost creating some imbalance), in the Portland pod.

13. Villanova - This is where it starts to get tricky. Wake Forest (#12 on the S-Curve) can't go to the South with UNC there, so we move Villanova up to the #3 line, in the Miami pod.

#4 seeds (with CTD S-Curve ranks)

12. Wake Forest - For balance, Wake heads West, in the Miami pod.

14. Washington - I'd love to keep the Huskies in Phoenix, but for balance put them in the South, in the Portland pod.

16. Purdue - With no more available slots because of other Big East teams, we have to move Syracuse to the #5 line. Purdue gets to stay close to home in the Midwest, but are shipped off to the Boise pod.

17. UCLA - Gets to slide up to a protected seed, but has to travel all the way to the East region. They do get to stay in the Boise pod though.