Obviously, as this is late, I didn't have time for a proper update this week. Here's an abbreviated look at who's hot and not. It's hard to separate the effect of the week's games from the recent change in the CTD model, so I won't even try. All data is through Sunday's games, even though, yes, it is now Wednesday night.


Maryland and Houston (were out, now #12 seed) - Barely on the radar last week, each was helped now that CTD considers conference RPI and games +/- .500.

Purdue (was #12 seed, now #7) - The committee will have a tough task weighing Purdue's gaudy conference record with their #156 non-conference RPI.

Louisville (was #9 seed, now #5) - Two big wins last week puts the Cardinals into a protected seed.


Oklahoma (was #8 seed, now out) - Injuries have taken their toll on the Sooners, as will their loss to Big XII cellar dweller Colorado. Inconsistency has been a problem (ranked #308 through Tuesday) - they're not as young as some Big XII teams having consistency issues, but their best player is a freshman.

Miami (FL) (was #9 seed, now out) - Now that CTD considers conference RPI and games +/- .500, the Canes were hurt by their conference RPI (ranked 72nd) and record (3-6) as much as their performance last week.

Syracuse (was #10 seed, now out) - That bubble mark imprinted on their Orange backsides must be real painful right about now. Their non-conference profile is OK (non-conf RPI #27), but their conference performance (RPI #73, record 6-5) and 1-5 record against RPI Top 50 need some work. With a chance to address both in their upcoming schedule, they may have no room for complaints if they're left out this year.

Ole Miss (was #6 seed, now #10) - The free fall continues (lost 4 of 5 and 5 of 8), and their conference résumé (conference RPI #85, 3-5 record) ain't helping. They can help the record part with some relatively easy upcoming games.

Marquette (was #4 seed, now #8) - I think that drop may be a bit harsh, given that they lost to two good teams, but the 9 point drop (16th to 25th) in the coaches poll took its toll. They could also use a few more good wins, with a 2-6 record against the RPI Top 50.