I wouldn't be so quick to assume that Duke will do the same thing to Butler on the offensive glass that they did to West Virginia.

Coming into Saturday's game, West Virginia ranked 124th in the country defensive rebound rate, allowing opposing offenses to grab 31.6% of the available boards. Butler, on the other hand, ranked 14th in the country before their win over Michigan State. Even if you adjust for the level of competition, allowing only 27.6% is not too shabby.

In fact, Butler ranks in the top 100 in each of the three defensive four factor categories where Duke is strongest - offensive rebounding %, effective FG% (68th), turnover % (74th). Again, you have to take somewhat into consideration that Butler's competition is slightly weaker, but there's no doubt that as I wrote last week, Butler's strength - and their best hope for winning Monday - lies with their D.