It's homestretch time, with three more days to go. All conference tournaments have started, and 18 of the 31 automatic bids are still up for grabs.

Who clinched yesterday


Who helped themselves yesterday?
  • Colorado
  • Completed the triple sweep of likely at-large Kansas State. With additional wins against Texas and Missouri, they may be hard for the committee to ignore.

  • Georgia
  • Their win over a putrid Auburn team doesn't clinch anything, but it keeps them in the hunt.

  • Notre Dame
  • If they weren't in the discussion for a #1 seed, they are now.

Who hurt themselves yesterday?
  • UAB
  • The top seed in the CUSA tourney goes down, and they were probably overvalued by the selection model anyway.

  • BYU
  • A close win against a bad TCU team can't help their post-Davies resume. Next up is their nemesis, New Mexico. I'm close to applying a seed drop based on how they've looked without Davies.

Who clinches today
  • Patriot League - Lafayette at Bucknell
Other big games today

Basically, everyone who is still on the bubble and still playing has a big game today. This includes Clemson, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Georgia, Penn State, Michigan State, Memphis, and Alabama, to name a few. The bubble is so weak and fluid this year, it would be a bad idea to give the committee a reason to doubt you.